Neptune 350 17R Hybrid Beam Spot Wash

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Philips Lamp 350W

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Neptune 350 Hybrid 17R Beam Spot Wash
Neptune 350 Hybrid 17R Beam Spot WashNeptune 350 Hybrid 17R Beam Spot WashNeptune 350 Hybrid 17R Beam Spot WashNeptune 350 Hybrid 17R Beam Spot Wash
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Every light has been thoroughly tested and shipped in perfect condition. Our 350 Hybrid is brighter than the 330 Hybrid, you can easily configure the light by using its colorful LCD touch screen display.

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Voltage Range:
DMX Channel: 16/24CHs
Control Mode: DMX512, Auto Mode
Display: LCD display+press button, ENG
Color Temperature: 7800K
Life Span: 2000 Hours
Light Source: 17R 330W Phillip lamp
Color Wheel: 13 Color with white, dual-color effect Static Gobo
Wheel: 14 fixed gobo with open circle Glass Gobo Wheel: 9 changeable rotating gobo with white, 3D effect
Prism: 8-facet +16-facet/ linear prism, selectable
Optical Lens: High penetration coating lens
Focus: Linear focus
Beam Angle: 1.8° to 15° Spot Angle:5° -48° , Wash Angle: 7° -52° Dimmer :0-100% linear dimmer.
Strobe: Two-blade strobe (0.5-13FPS)
16 pcs super silent motors, pan&tilt 3-phase step motors,16bit. Housing: Fire resistant alloy plastic
IP Rate: IP20
Weight: 41.00 LB
Size: 361*300.8*601.8mm"

Color wheel is made with 14 colors, the user can easily select their own favoritecolor, to create a perfect lighting effect. Use thegobo wheel at same time is better. It can be easily transform a gobo to have color. 

Clockwise and counterclockwise rotating, speed isadjustable. Prism wheel can be created a variety ofbrilliant lighting effects with color wheel and gobowheel. Prism wheel through two high-precisionultra-fast eight-head screw motor spot size adjustment cut prisms, and creates a wonderful prism with dynamic effects.


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