300W LED Leko Projector

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300W LED Engine

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26.45 Pounds

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300W LED Logo Projector With Color, Gobo & Prism IP66
300W LED Logo Projector With Color, Gobo & Prism IP66300W LED Logo Projector With Color, Gobo & Prism IP66300W LED Logo Projector With Color, Gobo & Prism IP66300W LED Logo Projector With Color, Gobo & Prism IP66300W LED Logo Projector With Color, Gobo & Prism IP66
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300W LED Water Streak Light, which is the latest high-quality beam light. It is much lighter and more convenient in the same power with the perfect combination of international advanced electronic control technology and excellent humanized industrial design. It fully complies with the CE standard and supports the international DMX512 signal control mode. 

The model is fitted with a 300w LED light source, with strong light effect, large-angle water streak effect, and clear gobo. Meanwhile, it is with 6 colors+ open color wheel, prism+ water streak, and zoom function. 

It is widely used in building, bridge, theme park, monument, landscape, night clubs or exhibition, performances, and other professional places.

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Customizable Gobo's $99 Each
Model: 300P
Waterproof rating: 
DMX channel number: 15 channels Operation mode: DMX512 mode, etc.
LCD: LED display + button control
300W LED Light Source Color temperature 7000K, average life 20,000 hours
6 Colors + white light, semi color effect Prism: Rotating octagonal prism
Optical lens: high precision glue optics Six dynamic glass pattern effects. The water-repellent disk can simulate various water-grain effects and can be superimposed with the pattern to make the pattern water effect.
Zoom: Linear magnification focus: linear focus dimming: 0-100% linear adjustment beam angle: 11 degrees -46 degrees strobe: electronic strobe, 0.3-25 times/sec a total of 8 ultra-quiet motors
Appearance: high-temperature resistant alloy plastic + aluminum alloy lamp body heat dissipation profile.
Protection rating: IP66
Weight: 26.45 LB
Fixture Size: 330* 232* 513mm
Total power: 370W

The color wheel consists of 6 fixed colors. Users can easily choose the color they likeand create a perfect lighting effect. At the same time, it can be used with the water gobo wheel, to have abetter effect. Colors can be customized.

6 customized Gobos with dynamic rotating effects

1. Color 

2. Shutter 

3. Dimmer 

4. Gobo 

5. Gobo Rotation 

6. Streak 1 

7. Streak 2 

8. Prism 

9. Prism rotating 

10. Focus 

11. Focus Rotating 

12. Zoom 

13. Zoom Fine 

14. Function 

15. Reset